Generalized Comprehensive Motion Theory for High-Order Differential Dynamics

Vincent Samy (AIST),
Ko Ayusawa (AIST),
Eiichi Yoshida (AIST)
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We address the problem of calculating complex Jacobian matrices that can arise from optimization problems. An example is the inverse optimal control in human motion analysis which has a cost function that depends on the second order time-derivative of torque ̈τ. Thus, its gradient decomposed to, among other, the Jacobian δ ̈τ/δq. We propose a new concept called N-order Comprehensive Motion Transformation Matrix (N-CMTM) to provide an exact analytical solution of several Jacobians. The computational complexity of the basic Jacobian and its N-order time-derivatives computed from the N-CMTM is experimentally shown to be linear to the number of joints Nj. The N-CMTM is based on well-known spatial algebra which makes it available for any type of robots. Moreover, it can be used along classical algorithms. The computational complexity of the construction of the N-CMTM itself is experimentally shown to be N².

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