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Left Poster Room
Show poster location Manipulator-Independent Representations for Visual Imitation
Yuxiang Zhou, Yusuf Aytar, Konstantinos Bousmalis
Show poster location Inexact Loops in Robotics Problems
Erik Nelson
Show poster location Policy Transfer across Visual and Dynamics Domain Gaps via Iterative Grounding
Grace Zhang, Linghan Zhong, Youngwoon Lee, Joseph J Lim
Show poster location i3dLoc: Image-to-range Cross-domain Localization Robust to Inconsistent Environmental Conditions
Peng Yin, Lingyun Xu, Ji Zhang, Howie Choset, Sebastian Scherer
Show poster location Generalized Comprehensive Motion Theory for High-Order Differential Dynamics
Vincent Samy, Ko Ayusawa, Eiichi Yoshida
Show poster location Provably Safe and Efficient Motion Planning with Uncertain Human Dynamics
Shen Li, Nadia Figueroa, Ankit Shah, Julie A. Shah
Show poster location Droplet: Towards Autonomous Underwater Assembly of Modular Structures
Samuel E Lensgraf, Amy Sniffen, Zachary Zitzewitz, Evan Honnold, Jennifer Jain, Weifu Wang, Alberto Quattrini Li, Devin Balkcom
Show poster location Safe Occlusion-Aware Autonomous Driving via Game-Theoretic Active Perception
Zixu Zhang, Jaime F Fisac
Show poster location Ab Initio Particle-based Object Manipulation
Siwei Chen, Xiao Ma, Yunfan Lu, David Hsu
Show poster location Safe Policies for Factored Partially Observable Stochastic Games
Steven Carr, Nils Jansen, Sudarshanan Bharadwaj, Matthijs T. J. Spaan, Ufuk Topcu
Show poster location Toward Certifiable Motion Planning for Medical Steerable Needles
Mengyu Fu, Oren Salzman, Ron Alterovitz
Show poster location Semantic Abstraction-Guided Motion Planning for scLTL Missions in Unknown Environments
Kush Grover, Fernando S Barbosa, Jana Tumova, Jan Kretinsky
Right Poster Room
Get to the Point: Learning Lidar Place Recognition and Metric Localisation Using Overhead Imagery
Tim Y. Tang, Daniele De Martini, Paul Newman
Show poster location
Planning Multimodal Exploratory Actions for Online Robot Attribute Learning
Xiaohan Zhang, Jivko Sinapov, Shiqi Zhang
Show poster location
Learning Generalizable Robotic Reward Functions from “In-The-Wild” Human Videos
Annie S. Chen, Suraj Nair, Chelsea Finn
Show poster location
Inferring Objectives in Continuous Dynamic Games from Noise-Corrupted Partial State Observations
Lasse Peters, David Fridovich-Keil, Vicenç Rubies-Royo, Claire Tomlin, Cyrill Stachniss
Show poster location
Resolving Conflict in Decision-Making for Autonomous Driving
Jack Geary, Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Henry Gouk
Show poster location
Entropy-Guided Control Improvisation
Marcell J Vazquez-Chanlatte, Sebastian Junges, Daniel J Fremont, Sanjit Seshia
Show poster location
Lyapunov-stable neural-network control
Hongkai Dai, Benoit Landry, Lujie Yang, Marco Pavone, Russ Tedrake
Show poster location
Dual Online Stein Variational Inference for Control and Dynamics
Lucas Barcelos, Alexander Lambert, Rafael Oliveira, Paulo Borges, Byron Boots, Fabio Ramos
Show poster location
NeRP: Neural Rearrangement Planning for Unknown Objects
Ahmed H Qureshi, Arsalan Mousavian, Chris Paxton, Michael Yip, Dieter Fox
Show poster location
GROUNDED: The Localizing Ground Penetrating Radar Evaluation Dataset
Teddy Ort, Igor Gilitschenski, Daniela Rus
Show poster location
Learning Riemannian Manifolds for Geodesic Motion Skills
Hadi Beik-Mohammadi, Søren Hauberg, Georgios Arvanitidis, Gerhard Neumann, Leonel Rozo
Show poster location